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G.E. Hughes Construction Co. wants everyone to go home in the same condition they came to work in safely, and are an Employer of Choice.

G.E. Hughes own all of our extensive fleet of equipment which is maintained in-house.

We have a ‘get it done and do it right’ culture in our workforce, employ locals and invest in the ongoing training and development of our staff.

G.E. Hughes has a zero tolerance approach to the use and abuse of Alcohol and other drugs at the workplace. G.E. Hughes are very much a family orientated company and employees are selected on their ability not their gender, race or religion.

G.E. Hughes does not accept the following inappropriate behaviours; harassment, workplace bullying, vilification, victimisation and adverse action.

A company is its people.

Workplace Safety

If you wish to join our family team, please send your resume to or call our friendly office staff on +61 8 8389 6472.

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